TUESDAY, August 6, 2013Today, the EPA held firm in its finalized 2013 RFS corn-based ethanol volume mandate requiring obligated parties (refiners) to blend 13.8 billion gallons, but indicated that the agency has concerns with the upcoming 2014 blending volumes and it intends to use its statutory authority to address them. Overall, the EPA decided to make minimal changes to the 2013 RFS blending requirements. The agency only reduced the cellulosic biofuel requirement by 50 percent. Obligated parties such as refiners and importers will have an additional four months to meet their 2013 renewable volume obligations (RVOs) by extending the compliance deadline from February 28, 2014 to June 30, 2014.

Final blending volumes:

  • Biomass-based diesel — 1.28 billion gallons or 1.13 percent (finalized in September 2012)
  • Advanced biofuels — 2.75 billion gallons or 1.62 percent
  • Cellulosic biofuels — 6 million or 0.0004 percent
  • Total renewable fuels — 16.55 billion gallon RFS mandate for 2013

The EPA noted that the E10 blend wall is a concern for 2014 and the agency intends to use its RFS statutory authority to adjust both the advanced biofuel and total renewable volumes. They will propose the adjustments in its upcoming notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) 2014 RFS blending volume requirement which is expected in September. PMAA continues to encourage EPA to make changes to the 2014 corn-based ethanol blending requirement to achievable levels in today’s marketplace.


Source: PMAA

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